DC SCORES alumni at the DC Council Roundtable on Education


On Thursday, December 7, two DC SCORES alumni testified during the DC Council Roundtable on Education. Ana Galeas and Christian Allen spoke about their experiences within DCPS schools and the positive impact DC SCORES has had in their lives.

“I felt welcome when I joined the DC SCORES team at Raymond. Many of my friends today - including my closest friend - were on my Raymond DC SCORES team.”

Ana currently works as a Soccer Coordinator for DC SCORES and is a General Studies major at Montgomery College.

“What has helped me get through my schooling is the commitment that my teachers showed along with the support of multiple DC SCORES staff members.”

“Being a part of the DC SCORES community has also helped me because there are so many resources I can use as far as applying to colleges or helping with resumes.”

Christian is currently a senior at Roosevelt High School and plans on attending college to study hospitality management.

Thanks for sharing your DC SCORES impact stories, Ana and Christian!

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