83out of100 kids

After a 12-week DC SCORES season, 83% of participants improved their aerobic capacity.

99out of100 kids

After a 12-week DC SCORES season, 99% of participants were confident they would graduate high school.

96out of100 kids

After a year of DC SCORES, 96% of participants discovered something they’re good at.

The ability to have one-on-one conversations with students about not just school, but about soccer and personal lives has impacted me greatly.


My daughter has built a great amount of confidence sharing her ideas in class. She was always very smart with lots of ideas but was very shy. Thank you DC SCORES!

DC SCORES parent


During the 2021-22 season, DC SCORES has received the following recognition:

Press Coverage

  1. News 4 Your Sunday: DC SCORES

    News4’s Erika Gonzalez spoke with DC SCORES Executive Director Katrina Owens and Senior Advisor for Arts & Culture Charity Blackwell about the program.

    NBC Washington
  2. Eliminate the Gap – DC SCORES

    DC SCORES Soccer Program Coordinator, Jewel Christian, spoke with the Eliminate the Gap podcast.

    Eliminate the Gap
  3. OST Voices Episode #12: DC SCORES

    When COVID-19 shut down the world, out-of-school-time (OST) providers like DC SCORES had to quickly rethink and adjust their whole way of operating to continue meeting the needs of the populations they serve. Now as the world is reopening, it’s time to readjust once again.

    DC Action
  4. Devoted in the District

    Recorded videos. Coloring sheets. Word searches. Coaching instruction in English and Spanish. Virtual appearances from D.C. United, Washington Spirit, and Georgetown women’s soccer players. These are just a few of the ways that coaches and staff at DC SCORES have shown their resiliency, commitment to their community, and ability to adapt to the changing times.

    U.S. Soccer Foundation
  5. Golazo with Carlos and Paul: Q&A with Bethany Henderson, CEO of DC SCORES and President of the America SCORES National Network

    Bethany Henderson, CEO of DC SCORES and President of the America SCORES National Network, discusses the evolution of DC SCORES under her leadership and her vision for the future of DC SCORES and the America SCORES network.

    Golazo with Carlos and Paul
  6. How America SCORES Changes Youths Through Soccer and Poetry

    Bethany Henderson, CEO of DC SCORES and President of America SCORES, and DeAndre Walters, a Morehouse College freshman, winner of poetry jams and a DC SCORES alumnus, speak with co-hosts Richard Levick and Dr. George T. French, Jr., President of Clark Atlanta University, about the importance of providing athletic and poetic outlets for young people and how the charity has powerfully impacted more than 130,000 young lives.