Connecting kids to teams this Giving Tuesday

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Most fall seasons are always a special time for DC SCORES, but this year, the fall was extra meaningful. After a long 18+ months of virtual learning, we finally returned to providing in-person soccer and writing programming to over 3,000 kids.

DC SCORES is committed to connecting teams on and off the field. We are dedicated to building and reestablishing neighborhood teams where kids can feel safe and supported by their teammates, coaches, and community. Whether it’s scoring a goal on the soccer field or performing an original poem for the first time, every DC SCORES poet-athlete deserves to be connected to a supportive team.

Your support during Giving Tuesday will directly benefit the lives of kids in DC. A donation to DC SCORES, no matter the amount, will help ensure that we can continue providing free, in-person programming at a time when kids seek meaningful connections the most.

The fall season was unique in many ways and presented its fair share of challenges. Practices, gamedays, and events were still abiding with mask policies and they all had an abundance of hand sanitizer, but DC SCORES’ commitment to keeping kids feeling safe, supported, connected, and hopeful was always steadfast.

For many poet-athletes, this season was filled with “firsts.” The first time scoring a goal on the soccer field. The first time performing an original solo poem. The first time being in-person with coaches and teammates.

Afterschool programs have never been more important than they are now. School-age children spend more than 80% of their time learning outside of school (Afterschool Alliance), so organizations like DC SCORES are critical to ensuring kids return to school ready to learn and reach their full potential.

This Giving Tuesday on November 30th, please give the gift of connecting kids to teams by donating to DC SCORES. Any amount makes the difference!

DC SCORES was established in 1994 and we know that we wouldn’t still be here today without our supporters. That’s why we want to thank all of our Giving Tuesday supporters in real-time in the list below.

Thank you. We’re going to say it a lot today because you’re making a real impact on the lives of DC kids. THANK YOU!

Giving Tuesday Elbow Bumps

Post Giving Tuesday
Anonymous, (Dec. 2, 11:42pm)
Tina Rivard, (Dec. 2, 9:30pm)
Robert Turner, (Dec. 1, 9:22pm)
Anonymous, (Dec. 1, 2:29pm)
John Kelley, (Dec. 1, 2:09pm)
Robert Warshaw, (Dec. 1, 10:56am)
Jane Stevens, (Dec. 1, 9:48am)

(Name, donation time)
Mandisa John, 11:34pm
Cindy Elias, 11:24pm
Sheila Roberts, 11:08pm
Anonymous, 10:52pm
Jeffrey Seltzer, 10:50pm
Donald Ausherman, 10:41pm
Anonymous, 10:27pm
Elisa Waske, 10:22pm
Judith Pugliese, 10:19pm
Bobbi Jo Shannon, 10:16pm
Anonymous, 10:15pm
Zachary Warren, 10:14pm
Elaine Winn, 10:10pm
Jeffrey Sears, 10:06pm
Mark Steo, 9:58pm
Anonymous, 9:55pm
Adebimbola Ogunyale, 9:51pm
Jane Delgado, 9:46pm
Thomas Bogle, 9:43pm
Anonymous, 9:37pm
Dodge Thompson, 9:36pm
Rudolph Escarne, 9:36pm
Kyla Spence, 9:28pm
Lauren Wohl, 9:27pm
Joi Hollis, 9:27pm
Benjamin Pulliam, 9:23pm
Ben Olsen, 9:20pm
Walter Okpych IV, 9:18pm
Carmen Howell, 9:17pm
Walter Okpych, 9:16pm
Corey Timbers, 9:14pm
Brandon Jones, 9:13pm
Walter IIII, 9:12pm
Wayne Rusch, 9:10pm
Lateef Gray, 9:04pm
Anonymous, 8:58pm
Anonymous, 8:45pm
Peter Finn, 8:44pm
Anonymous, 8:43pm
Anonymous, 8:42pm
Anonymous, 8:41pm
Phyllis Owens, 8:38pm
Patrick McGettigan, 8:35pm
Anonymous, 8:32pm
J. Michael Freedholm, 8:32pm
Valerie Utsey, 8:32pm
Eli Hochstetler, 8:30pm
Chris Silvester, 8:29pm
Michael Gross, 8:29pm
Anonymous, 8:27pm
Joshua Freedholm, 8:25pm
Alexander Lord, 8:25pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 8:24pm
Zach Pleasant, 8:11pm
Tim Spear, 8:11pm
Sanjay Nayar, 8:01pm
Zaryn Jennings, 7:58pm
Christopher Stiles, 7:38pm
Sylvia Cabus, 7:36pm
Kristin Anderson, 7:29pm
Joshua Giamichael, 7:14pm
Michael Corl, 7:14pm
Anonymous, 7:07pm
Jeffrey Koung, 7:06pm
Christen Gallagher, 7:04pm
Danielle Buchma, 7:03pm
Paul Cirino, 7:03pm
Anonymous, 6:59pm
Rafael Hernandez Toro, 6:40pm
Anonymous, 6:39pm
Adam Rupe, 6:39pm
Carol Johnson, 6:36pm
Sara Loveland, 6:22pm
Karen McKenna, 6:21pm
Anonymous, 6:16pm
Greg James, 6:16pm
Julio Coto, 6:15pm
Michael Heiken, 5:51pm
Karl Schwenkmeyer, 5:49pm
Rani Harrison, 5:45pm
Jessica Trevelyan, 5:37pm
Anonymous, 5:35pm
Anonymous, 5:31pm
Matthew Lindsay, 5:15pm
Jean-Philippe Fauchet, 5:04pm
Heather Gaona, 4:54pm
Stephanie Massaro, 4:53pm
Brian Sanker, 4:52pm
Will Magioncalda, 4:51pm
Sarah Helinek, 4:51pm
David Crespo, 4:42pm
Elaine Fitch, 4:19pm
Anonymous, 4:05pm
Anonymous, 4:03pm
Kelly Bonnie, 3:51pm
Benjamin Brewster, 3:51pm
Carolina Powers, 3:50pm
Carolyn White, 3:47pm
Andreina Laffargue, 3:45pm
Jason Gross, 3:24pm
Anonymous, 3:21pm
John Preotle, 3:11pm
Anonymous, 3:11pm
Donald Wine, 3:09pm
Anonymous, 3:08pm
Carina Gervacio, 3:06pm
Anonymous, 2:57pm
Linda Shorey, 2:54pm
Patrice Jones, 2:44p
Erin Sheerin, 2:37pm
Jeffrey Day, 2:36pm
John Conte, 2:36pm
Eric Kmetz, 2:22pm
Claudia Pharis, 2:19pm
Patrick Manning, 2:16pm
Todd Turner, 2:12pm
Elizabeth Bradley, 2:10pm
Walter A Roberts III, 2:08pm
Tanya Wagstaffe, 2:06pm
Rhina Roberts, 2:03pm
Kimberly Remsberg, 1:59pm
Emily Baskin, 1:54pm
Jennifer Lewis, 1:53pm
Catherine Brenner, 1:45pm
Timothy Borysowski, 1:41pm
Sean Tipton, 1:30pm
Sophia Newbold, 1:24pm
Anonymous, 1:21pm
Phillip Ford, 1:21pm
Karey Wong, 1:20pm
Anonymous, 1:16pm
Jason Kling, 1:11pm
Gara Nicole, 1:11pm
William Stevens, 1:10pm
Devin Talbott, 1:10pm
Sekou Biddle, 1:09pm
David Owens, 1:09pm
Celeste Escobedo, 1:08pm
Anonymous, 1:05pm
Mardi Caminer, 1:05pm
Tim Preotle, 12:59pm
Shirley Ford, 12:58pm
James Konigsberg, 12:58pm
Jose Diaz-Asper, 12:57pm
Anonymous, 12:56pm
John Conte, 12:53pm
Greta Poku, 12:52pm
Anonymous, 12:52pm
Frances Graves, 12:51pm
Anonymous, 12:50pm
Greta Silas, 12:48pm
Evan Qi, 12:47pm
Lorena Palacios, 12:47pm
Leah Hochstetler, 12:46pm
Andrew Bahrenburg, 12:45pm
Anonymous, 12:45pm
Anonymous, 12:45pm
Eli Owens, 12:45pm
David Rosenbaum, 12:43pm
Alex Diaz-Asper, 12:43pm
Anne Fleckenstein, 12:43pm
Julia Rao, 12:42pm
Anonymous, 12:42pm
Jeffrey Howdeshell, 12:41pm
Adriane Hopkins, 12:40pm
Daniel Sheerin, 12:40pm
James Frison, 12:40pm
Rachel Gorosh, 12:40pm
Zabrina Krishnamoorthy, 12:40pm
Sandy Cos, 12:37pm
Matthew Dozier, 12:37pm
Anonymous, 12:36pm
Daniel Sheerin, 12:35pm
Andrew Bellwoar, 12:35pm
Aaron Wodin-Schwartz, 12:34pm
Sam Kasner, 12:34pm
Anonymous, 12:33pm
Anthony Francavilla, 12:33pm
Elizabeth Watkins, 12:33pm
Anonymous, 12:32pm
K Owens, 12:30pm
Anonymous, 12:29pm
Launa Hochstetler, 12:29
Anonymous, 12:29pm
Anonymous, 12:29pm
Anonymous, 12:28pm
Christine Parrish, 12:28pm
Alexandra Hyman, 12:28pm
Jonah Owens, 12:27pm
Valerie Mamalis, 12:27pm
Launa Hochstetler, 12:26pm
Anonymous, 12:26pm
James Lambert, 12:25pm
Michelle Roberts, 12:25pm
Anonymous, 12:24pm
Anonymous, 12:24pm
Patrick Sheerin, 12:24pm
David Owens, 12:24pm
Michael Beard, 12:24pm
Jake Lloyd, 12:23pm
Scott Brokaw, 12:23pm
Anonymous, 12:23pm
Charlotte Stewart, 12:23pm
Anonymous, 12:22pm
Katrina Owens Owens, 12:21pm
Andrew Harrison, 12:20pm
Kathleen Hinkle, 12:20pm
Anonymous, 12:20p,
Kathleen Chamberlain, 12:20pm
Olga Palacios, 12:14pm
Anonymous, 12:19pm
Dr. Allen Chin, 12:19pm
Anonymous, 12:18pm
Anonymous, 12:18pm
Dale Park, 12:17pm
Jennifer Hsin, 12:17pm
Katherine Makris, 12:17pm
Edwin Lohmeyer, 12:17pm
Anonymous, 12:16pm
Dale Park, 12:16pm
Anonymous, 12:15pm
Laurie Gonzalez, 12:15pm
Anonymous, 12:14pm
Kelly Waldron, 12:13pm
Anonymous, 12:13pm
Traci Lee, 12:13pm
Bruce Schulman, 12:13pm
Melissa Guzmán, 12:12pm
Sean Hinkle, 12:11pm
Ian Holder, 12:11pm
Anonymous, 12:11pm
Anonymous, 12:10pm
Katrina Owens, 12:10pm
Catherine Lu Clougherty, 12:09pm
Gwendolyn Vinson, 12:07pm
Aya Takeuchi, 12:06pm
Daniel Henderson, 12:06pm
Anonymous, 12:06pm
Bethany Henderson, 12:05pm
Timothy Huether, 12:05pm
Jaime Capron, 12:05pm
Bryan Hinkle, 12:04pm
Lizette Villarreal, 12:03pm
Benjamin Hsieh, 12:03pm
Brian Pierce, 12:01pm
Stephanie Jones, 11:54am
Anonymous, 11:52am
Daniel Fisher-Owens, 11:52am
Brandy Tyson, 11:41am
Anonymous, 11:41am
Ben Francavilla, 11:37am
Patrick Wynott, 11:35am
Brian McLaughlin, 11:26am
Charles Adams, 11:25am
Lila Simmons, 11:18am
Anne Stom, 11:16am
Monica McCreary, 11:13am
Angelica Garcia, 11:06am
Barbara Salzman, 11:05am
Loren Angelo, 11:01am
Jana Sharp, 10:51am
Lea Schwarzenberg, 10:50am
Anonymous, 10:41am
Kirkland & Ellis, 10:34am
Eric Hoy, 10:30am
Anna Young, 10:29am
Michael Garcia, 10:19am
Brian Yi, 10:16am
Barbara Wootton, 10:15am
Susan Conley, 10:10am
Anonymous, 10:03am
Anonymous, 10:00am
Douglas Kotlove, 9:57am
Jay Carmel, 9:56am
Anonymous, 9:46am
Paul Hamill, 9:38am
Andrea Murino, 9:34am
Gia Veronica Boado, 9:31am
Lindsey Woolf, 9:29am
Daniel Reinhard, 9:27am
Anonymous, 9:25am
Sandra Safran, 9:15am
Lawrence Rice, 9:15am
Rafael Hernandez Toro, 9:13am
Maxwell Adams Hoffman, 9:11am
Anonymous, 8:58am
Ryan Hart, 8:54am
Keith Boyea, 8:39am
Dan McCarthy, 8:39am
Kerry Savage, 8:39am
Emily Locker, 8:38am
Kimberly Orr, 8:38am
Fred Hargrove, 8:24am
Lee Goldstein, 8:22am
David Barritt-Flatt, 8:19am
Nick Keenan, 12:33am

Before Giving Tuesday
Michael Nakamoto, (Nov. 29, 3:54pm)
Anonymous, (Nov. 29, 10:53am)
Kathryn Koehl, (Nov. 29, 10:07am)
Anonymous, (Nov. 29, 10:06am)
Anonymous, (Nov. 29, 8:01am)
Jackson Spivey, (Nov. 29, 7:27am)
Scott Brokaw, (Nov. 28, 6:32pm)
Anonymous, (Nov. 24, 7:11am)
Karen Domenici, (Nov. 25, 4:49pm)
CiviCore Giving, (Nov. 24 4:26pm)
Anonymous, (Nov. 18, 6:12pm)

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