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The backbone of DC SCORES is soccer and now more than ever, we’re committed to getting our neighborhood teams together again as safely as possible. On May 19th, we hope you can team up with us and support the work of DC SCORES as we continue to bring our teams of poet-athletes back together in-person again.

DC SCORES has adapted incredibly during the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the needs of kids in the District. Today is the day to support our efforts as we adapt to bring back in-person programming in a safe and equitable manner to thousands of kids.

Soccer practices may not look like they used to (masks, physical distancing, lots of hand sanitizer, etc.), but DC SCORES is making sure they feel like they used to for every kid that participates.

The goal is to raise at least $10,000 within 24 hours to help bring kids back on the field! Any amount makes the difference!

This year during our Spring Day of Giving, your support means DOUBLE! All donations to DC SCORES today will be matched by T-Rex Solutions up to $10,000.

  • $10: Stay game day ready – Socks and shin guards are essential for poet-athletes to perform their best and be safe on the field.

  • $25: Eliminate barriers to play – Transportation is a determining factor in providing a poet-athlete the opportunity to play in a soccer tournament.

  • $50: Bring kids back on the field safely – Safety is the #1 priority as we return to the field and that requires PPE for every kid and coach so they can enjoy in-person practices with their team.

  • $100: Create year-round opportunities – Supplies for a full year of soccer and writing can allow a poet-athlete to experience the joys of sports, arts, service, and being part of a team.

  • $300: Support a team’s confidence on the field – Matching uniforms can transform a team and improve the confidence of poet-athletes.

  • $500: Empower a teammate – One full season of DC SCORES for a poet-athlete can be transformational in the classroom and on the field.

DC SCORES has been around since 1994, and we know that we wouldn’t still be here today without our supporters. That’s why we want to thank all of our Spring Day of Giving supporters in real-time in the list below.

Thank you. We’re going to say it a lot today because you’re making a real impact to help get kids back on the field. THANK YOU!

Spring Day of Giving Elbow Bumps

Post Spring Day of Giving
Edward McHenry, (May 20, 1:54pm)
Rob Riley, (May 20, 12:38pm)
Walter Okpych IV, (May 20, 11:06am)
W Terence Welsh, (May 20, 10:57am)
Elizabeth Bradley, (May 20, 9:41am)
Sarah Christine Helinek, (May 20, 6:33am)

(Name, donation time)
Matthew Field, 10:08pm
Anonymous, 9:56pm
Lindsey Sharp, 9:38pm
Christopher McHenry, 9:34pm
Walter Robets III, 9:33pm
Anonymous, 9:30pm
Allison Dapper, 9:24pm
Tim Preotle, 8:48pm
Caroline Smith, 8:44pm
Anonymous, 8:42pm
Benjamin Eastman, 8:35pm
David Barritt-Flatt, 8:28pm
Melissa Surette, 8:28pm
Sharon Welsh, 8:25pm
Patrick Sheerin, 8:23pm
Robert Watkins, 8:22pm
Anonymous, 8:20pm
Tracy Williams, 8:18pm
Linda Gebric, 8:16pm
Stephanie Williams, 8:14pm
Cary Cooper, 8:04pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 7:51pm
Katrina Owens, 7:47pm
Christina Scher, 7:45pm
Andrew Eberly-Howerton, 7:40pm
Ian Kline, 7:31pm
Tamar Levenberg, 7:30pm
Zabrina Krishnamoorthy, 7:25pm
Christine Kelleher, 7:07pm
Anonymous, 6:57pm
Trinh Lieu, 6:43pm
Leah Hochstetler, 6:34pm
Jennifer Budoff, 6:31pm
Jon Hoffman, 5:56pm
Deborah Eckbreth, 5:55pm
Jon Hoffman, 5:56pm
Jennifer Budoff, 6:31pm
Leah Hochstetler, 6:34pm
Trinh Lieu, 6:43pm
Donald Ausherman, 5:17pm
Cythia Bohlin, 5:04pm
Anonymous, 4:43pm
Balanced Female Fitness, 4:36pm
Eileen Nalls, 4:26pm
Traci Lee, 4:25pm
Benjamin Hsieh, 4:14pm
Anonymous, 4:14pm
Anonymous, 4:14pm
Linda Shorey, 4:01pm
Renny Thomas, 3:58pm
Kathy Sowers, 3:51pm
Sean Maslin, 3:39pm
Benjamin Scher, 3:32pm
Lindsay Barenz, 2:43pm
Morgan Reed, 2:43pm
Claudia Pharis, 2:29pm
Brittany Gropp, 2:07pm
Anonymous, 1:53pm
Kemba Ford, 1:51pm
Devin Talbott, 1:37pm
Anonymous, 1:35pm
Robert Warshaw, 1:19pm
Lindsey Santos, 1:12pm
John Firth, 1:03pm
Alexandra Mack, 1:01pm
Alexander Bearman, 12:58pm
Sejal Jhavery, 12:55pm
John Kemp, 12:55pm
Shannon Hammerlund, 12:55pm
Bethany Henderson, 12:46pm
Anonymous, 12:46pm
Anonymous, 12:42pm
Sandra Perez, 12:40pm
Pauline and Roger Locker, 12:39pm
Whitney Casstevens, 11:54am
Bartholomew Browne, 11:47am
Anne Woodworth, 11:00
Kelly Lee, 10:50am
Louisa Newlin, 10:45am
Owen Maguire, 10:44am
Sandy Jumonville Brown, 10:39am
Launa Hochstetler, 10:31am
Jessica Fayad, 10:30am
Anonymous, 10:28am
Laurie Gonzalez, 10:25am
Matthew Lindsay, 10:20am
Jake Lloyd, 10:12am
Anonymous, 9:59am
Ben Francavilla and Jan Hoges, 9:52am
Anonymous, 9:44am
Sharyn Sutton, 9:41am
Lea Schwarzenberg, 9:30am
Ryan Kelley, 9:20am
Catherine Lerche, 8:53am
Michael McRae, 8:49am
Adrianne Molina, 8:43am
Kimberly Orr, 8:43am
Anonymous, 8:41am
Robert L. Gluck, 8:36am
Todd Turner, 8:35am
Michael Caro, 8:33am

Before the Spring Day of Giving
Shay Given, 11:14pm (May 18)
Danny Sheerin, 11:07 (May 18)
Cole Moten, 7:00pm (May 17)
Anonymous, 5:48pm (May 17)
Tony Francavilla, 3:50pm (May 17)
David Owens, 3:34pm (May 17)
Douglas Kotlove, 1:38pm (May 17)
Hakan Ozsancak, 1:13pm (May 17)
Anonymous, 12:12pm (May 17)
Dodge Thompson, 12:08pm (May 17)
Katrina Owens, 12:02pm (May 17)
Anonymous, 5:35am (May 17)

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