Keep kids connected this Giving Tuesday

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The need this Giving Tuesday to keep kids connected is unlike ever before. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, kids remain at home and physically distant from their teammates, coaches, and school community.

Despite not being able to gather in person for months now, DC SCORES has never stopped serving kids in DC. Programming doesn’t look like usual, but DC SCORES has done everything possible for it to feel the same for our poet-athletes when it seems like everything else in the world is constantly changing.

Your support during Giving Tuesday can make an enormous difference in the lives of kids in DC. A donation to DC SCORES, no matter the amount, will help ensure that we can continue providing free soccer and writing programming, whether that’s virtually or in-person (hopefully soon).

In the spring, DC SCORES built out SCORES at Home, an online bilingual (English and Spanish) portal filled with soccer and writing activities for kids to do at home. During the summer, DC SCORES continued to offer free summer camps and shipped out hundreds of equipment kits to every camper with everything they needed to participate (soccer ball, pump, t-shirt, mask, hand sanitizer, journal, writing supplies, etc).

Building on the work from the spring and summer, DC SCORES has made this fall season engaging and fun to support kids, coaches, and families in this District. More player and coach kits sent, more Celebrity Guest Speakers, more incentives to keep kids motivated to play and write, but above all, more opportunities to be connected with their team during this time of physical distancing. Whether we’re in person or virtual, DC SCORES is committed to keeping kids feeling safe, supported, connected, and hopeful.

This Giving Tuesday, December 1st, please give the gift of keeping kids connected by donating to DC SCORES. Any amount makes the difference!

DC SCORES has been around since 1994, and we know that we wouldn’t still be here today without our supporters. That’s why we want to thank all of our Giving Tuesday supporters in real-time in a list below.

Thank you. We’re going to say it a lot today because you’re making a real impact on the lives of DC kids. THANK YOU!

Giving Tuesday Now Elbow Bumps

Post Giving Tuesday
Anonymous, (Dec. 6, 10:42am)
Kevin Parker, (Dec. 5, 5:00pm)
Carter Tipton, (Dec. 5, 1:41pm)
Sue Ellis, (Dec. 4, 9:59pm)
Anonymous, (Dec. 3, 10:20pm)
Nancy Bagot, (Dec. 3, 2:17pm)
Matt Poole, (Dec. 3, 11:56am)
Jerry Bostelman, (Dec. 3, 10:51am)
Christa Machado, (Dec. 2, 4:50pm)
Linda Munich, (Dec. 2, 10:54am)
Christian Allen, (Dec. 2, 3:07am)
Frank Polley, (Dec. 2, 12:51am)
Zaryn Jennings, (Dec. 2, 12:00am)

(Name, donation time)
William Hoenig, 11:46pm
Sheila Roberts, 11:46pm
Neil Cave, 11:32pm
Anonymous, 11:20pm
Chip Lohmeyer, 11:16pm
David Barritt-Flatt, 11:06pm
Jason Kling, 11:05pm
Allegra Yancey, 11:03pm
Marisa Joelson, 10:53pm
Emily Thompson, 10:53pm
Erin Hill, 10:53pm
Asia Cutforth, 10:51pm
Daniel Klain, 10:46pm
Chris Saccoccia, 10:40pm
Anonymous, 10:37pm
Patrick Ahern, 10:28pm
Sharon Plonsker, 10:22pm
Olga Palacios, 10:18pm
Ignacio Fernández Stearns, 10:17pm
Anonymous, 10:15pm
Joseph Palladino, 10:07pm
Italo Mocchetti, 10:05pm
Debra Freedholm, 10:04pm
Anonymous, 9:50pm
Loren Angelo, 9:50pm
Anonymous, 9:37pm
Michael Olsen, 9:33pm
Christopher Metzger, 9:28pm
Anthony Piccari, 9:24pm
Andrew Bolton, 9:19pm
Michael Wagener, 9:15pm
Michael Majcen, 9:13pm
Geoffrey Okpych, 9:12pm
Marie Okpych, 9:11pm
Jonathan Gowdy, 9:10pm
Olive Okpych, 9:08pm
Chris Okpych, 9:08pm
Emma Okpych, 9:07PM
Debra Clark, 9:05pm
Wally Okpych, 9:03pm
Anonymous, 9:01pm
Jane Stevens, 8:56pm
Pamela Roberts, 8:53pm
Chelsey Berlin, 8:53pm
Brandon B., 8:52pm
Gregory Ossi, 8:49pm
J Michael Freedholm, 8:47pm
David Crespo, 8:47pm
Andrew Eberly-Howerton, 8:45pm
Anonymous, 8:42pm
Kirsten Karttunen, 8:41pm
Anonymous, 8:40pm
Fred Hargrove, 8:38pm
Anonymous, 8:37pm
Judy Pugliese, 8:33pm
Sara Kushma, 8:30pm
Bruce Schulman, 8:28pm
Rhina Roberts, 8:27pm
Lindsey Sharp, 8:26pm
Valerie Utsey, 8:24pm
David Freedholm, 8:17pm
Amy and Fred Rubin, 8:17pm
Anonymous, 8:15pm
Valerie Holzherr, 8:08pm
Jessica Labukas, 8:06pm
Lawrence Rice, 8:04pm
Christina Scher, 7:59pm
Martin Palacios, 7:56pm
Benjamin Pulliam, 7:54pm
Katie Stump, 7:54pm
Lizette Villarreal, 7:53pm
Erik Hamilton, 7:51pm
Brian Sanker, 7:44pm
B Politz, 7:30pm
Coryell Stout, 7:28pm
Kathy Doto Sowers, 7:26pm
Zach Warren, 7:24pm
Nick Keenan, 7:22pm
Todd Turner, 7:15pm
Tim Spear, 7:14pm
Shelly Gray, 7:09pm
David Owens, 7:07pm
Takita Battle, 7:07pm
Jean-Philippe Fauchet, 7:06pm
Deborah Eckbreth, 7:05pm
Steven Riggins, 7:05pm
Sarah Martz, 7:02pm
Laurel Booth, 7:01pm
Bashar Jarrar, 6:47pm
Anonymous, 6:40pm
Karl Schwenkmeyer, 6:39pm
Robert Warshaw, 6:24pm
Michael Liss, 6:19pm
Gregory Honan, 6:14pm
Umida Hashimova, 6:09pm
Brittany Gropp, 6:07pm
Benjamin Kennedy, 6:04pm
Adrianne Molina, 6:03pm
Tony Ham, 6:01pm
Diego Ramirez, 5:59pm
Ben Francavilla, 5:57pm
Christen Gallagher, 5:53pm
Matt Lindsay, 5:50pm
Mara Peltz, 5:47pm
Linda Shorey, 5:47pm
Donald Ausherman, 5:46pm
Jeffrey Koung, 5:44pm
Matt Hendricks, 5:44pm
Suanne & Laurence Adelman, 5:44pm
Betseat Getachew, 5:42pm
Anonymous, 5:41pm
Alex Diaz-Asper, 4:55pm
Antonia Preciado, 4:54pm
Melissa Guzman, 4:50pm
Mackenzie Phelps, 4:34pm
Marilyn Neiswander, 4:33pm
Anonymous, 4:25pm
Kassondra Cloos, 4:26pm
Anonymous, 4:25pm
Linda Gebric, 4:11pm
Jess Nance, 3:49pm
Jana Sharp, 3:47pm
Dinah Oberes, 3:45pm
Matt Tiberii, 3:44pm
John Clark, 3:37pm
Christopher Stewart, 3:37pm
Michelle Roberts, 3:35pm
Alex Revis 3:29pm
Ann Carmel, 3:28pm
Simon Flynn, 3:27pm
Anonymous, 3:25pm
Emilie Ryan, 3:21pm
Michael Parrish, 3:21pm
Michael Rubin, 3:20pm
Tanzeela Islam, 3:19pm
Andrew Blickle, 3:14pm
Amy and Anthony Nakamoto-Brown, 3:10pm
Kelly Bonnie, 3:09pm
Anonymous, 3:09pm
Sarah Helinek, 3:06pm
Gail Clougherty, 3:02pm
Kamryn Christian, 2:57pm
Wade Casstevens, 2:53pm
Howard McMillan, 2:48pm
Lindsay Wheeler, 2:47pm
Mark Lewis, 2:46pm
Nicole Gara, 2:40pm
Walter A Roberts III, 2:36pm
Lauren Smith, 2:32pm
Vladimir Jean-Charles, 2:26pm
Robert Dean, 2:26pm
Sharon Finney, 2:25pm
Chad Molter, 2:17pm
Michael McRae, 2:15pm
AnnMarie Pino, 2:14pm
Charlotte Stewart, 2:14pm
John Lloyd, 2:14pm
Melissa Surette, 2:12pm
Matthew Field, 2:11pm
Alexandra Carmel, 2:07pm
Jeffrey Day, 2:05pm
Mary Stevens, 2:03pm
Ryan Kelley, 2:01pm
Devin Talbott, 1:57pm
Emily Schulman , 1:56pm
J. Carmel, 1:54pm
Colin Moffett, 1:53pm
Sanjay Nayar, 1:45pm
Dave Owens, 1:45pm
Rebecca Freedholm, 1:44pm
Kenneth Owens, 1:43pm
Jessica Trevelyan, 1:43pm
Conor McCormick, 1:42pm
Christine Sentner, 1:42pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 1:42pm
Sarah Alex, 1:42pm
Tammy Mitchell, 1:42pm
Rockford Weitz, 1:42pm
Traci Lee, 1:41pm
Lorena Palacios, 1:40pm
John Conte, 1:38pm
Mark Burlet, 1:38pm
Noelle Carne, 1:38pm
John Golley, 1:38pm
Margot Locker, 1:37pm
Jim Ensor, 1:37pm
James Power, 1:37pm
Jennifer Lewis, 1:37pm
James Frison, 1:37pm
Elaine Lu, 1:36pm
Jonah and David Owens, 1:36pm
Jacob Friedman, 1:36pm
Kelly Waldron, 1:35pm
Scott Keeter, 1:35pm
Bryan Hinkle, 1:35pm
Joshua McGee, 1:34pm
Debfra Kushma, 1:32pm
Scott Keeter, 1:31pm
James Lambert, 1:30pm
Cate Sheerin, 1:30pm
Patrick Sheerin, 1:30pm
LaVar Arrington, 1:30pm
Joshua Freedholm, 1:30pm
Daniel Sheerin, 1:29pm
Tom Gross, 1:28pm
Gemma Adelman, 1:28pm
Annemarie Morris, 1:28pm
Douglas Kotlove, 1:28pm
Bethany Henderson, 1:28pm
Kathleen Hinkle, 1:27pm
Klu Clougherty, 1:27pm
Eliana Henderson, 1:26pm
Ana Henderson, 1:26pm
Corey Timbers, 1:26pm
Lauren Anderson, 1:26pm
Susie Ascencio Clougherty, 1:25pm
Esther Foer, 1:25pm
Jeffrey Howdeshell, 1:24pm
Ian Kline, 1:24pm
Michael Garcia, 1:23pm
Fred and Cathy Sutton, 1:23pm
Kemba Ford, 1:22pm
Tamar Levenberg, 1:21pm
Vesta Hochstetler, 1:21pm
Adi Rose Henderson, 1:20pm
Eli Hochstetler, 1:20pm
Alexander Bearman, 1:19pm
Carolyn White, 1:19pm
Dan Henderson, 1:18pm
Launa Hochstetler, 1:18pm
Launa Hoch, 1:18pm
Rachel Gorosh, 1:17pm
Andrew Jones, 1:16pm
Abby Phillips, 1:16pm
Zabrina Krishnamoorthy, 1:16pm
Will Sutton, 1:16pm
Nick & Julia Kessler, 1:16pm
Ben Hsieh, 1:15pm
Tony Francavilla, 1:15pm
Sharon Welsh, 1:14pm
Jackie Christian, 1:14pm
Jacquelin Norell, 1:14pm
Chris Phillips, 1:14pm
Kristen Degan, 1:14pm
Kenny Owens, 1:14pm
Sharon Welsh, 1:14pm
Jackie Christian, 1:14pm
Jacquelin Norell, 1:14pm
Alyssa Morse, 1:13pm
Alex Hyman, 1:13pm
Emma Gross, 1:13pm
Will Magioncalda, 1:13pm
Ben & Sherika Shnider, 1:13pm
Jay Carmel, 1:13pm
Jason Finney, 1:12pm
Marisa Majsak, 1:12pm
Aya Takeuchi, 1:11pm
Liliana Ascencio, 1:11pm
David Eli Owens, 1:11pm
Rachel Shnider, 1:10pm
Jake Lloyd, 1:09pm
Arnelda Broadaway, 1:09pm
Anthony Francavilla, 1:09pm
Tim Swartzendruber, 1:09pm
Nica Sutton, 1:09pm
Katrina Owens, 1:08pm
Kerry Savage, 1:07pm
Max Sutton, 1:07pm
Liliana Ascencio, 1:06pm
Libby Watkins, 1:05pm
Danny Henderson, 1:04pm
Bill Sutton, 1:04pm
Andrew Bellwoar, 1:04pm
Sophia Newbold, 1:03pm
Sharyn Sutton, 1:02pm
Laurie Gonzalez, 12:57pm
Anonymous, 12:52pm
Jewel Christian, 12:35pm
Anonymous, 12:04pm
Tim Preotle, 12:04pm
Anonymous, 12:02pm
John Preotle, 12:02pm
Rachel Klepper, 11:59am
Ian Holder, 11:55am
Valerie Mamalis, 11:53am
Anonymous, 11:51am
Manny Watkins, 11:50am
Elliott Sloan, 11:49am
Cheryl Gregory, 11:39am
Paula HuYoung, 11:35am
Debra Riggins, 11:33am
Mark Roth, 11:30am
Michael Riggins, 11:23am
Lila Simmons, 11:23am
Neha Dhindsa, 11:20am
Carina Iverson, 11:20am
Michael Russell, 11:20am
Madeline Grayson, 10:58am
Sandy Brown, 10:37am
Leslie Janes, 10:26am
Elaine Lasnik-Broida, 10:14am
Dan McCarthy, 10:13am
Pranav Nanda, 10:12am
Julia Gartrell, 10:09am
Andre Prince, 10:08am
Lea Schwarzenberg, 10:08am
Chris Mann, 10:06am
Anonymous, 10:05am
Aristotle Evia, 10:04am
Ed Gross, 9:59am
Geoff Harkness, 9:42am
Paul Hamill, 9:38am
Michael Rocco, 9:36am
Stephanie Richardson, 9:29am
Leah Hochstetler, 9:22am
Lindsay Mathwick, 9:22am
Jennifer Jacobs, 9:21am
Cole Moten, 9:20am
Neal Feierabend, 9:14am
Anonymous, 9:14am
David Grubman, 9:14am
Debbie Campbell, 9:06am
Elizabeth Conte, 9:05am
Susan John, 8:57am
Perri Smith, 8:52am
Sandi Williams, 8:47am
Chloe Doto, 8:45am
Robert Gluck, 8:39am
Anonymous, 8:35am
Cal Klausner, 8:35am
Aeon Clarke, 8:28am
Laura Andrews, 8:21am
Anne Stom, 8:14am
Christina Tunison, 7:22am

Before Giving Tuesday
Pauline and Roger Locker, (Nov. 30, 3:02pm)
Anonymous, (Nov. 30, 9:42am)

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