Teaming up during difficult times

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Today (May 5th) is Giving Tuesday Now, a new global day of giving in response to COVID-19.

DC SCORES needs your help. We’re a team and together we will get through these difficult times. We want to make sure that as soon as it is safe, we’re ready to keep providing every poet-athlete with a safe space so they can succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and in life.

Your support can make a huge difference in the lives of kids in DC. A donation to DC SCORES, no matter the amount, will help ensure that we can continue providing free soccer and writing programming to over 3,000 kids.

In response to this new online world our students find themselves in, the DC SCORES team developed SCORES At Home. These online, at-home soccer and writing activities are available in English and in Spanish to keep kids active until they can join their teammates back at school.

We know times are tough and we also know that kids are at risk of negative physical and social impacts due to prolonged social isolation. $5, $10, $25 - anything - can make a difference to help combat these negative effects on our youth.

DC SCORES has been around since 1994, and we know that we wouldn’t still be here today without our supporters. That’s why we want to thank all of our Giving Tuesday Now supporters in real-time in a list below.

Thank you. We’re going to say it a lot today because you’re making a real impact on the lives of DC kids. THANK YOU!

Giving Tuesday Now Elbow Bumps

Post Giving Tuesday Now
Anna Walker, (May 11, 12:01pm)
Ann Butenhof, (May 9, 1:26pm)
Colin Moffett, (May 7, 4:09pm)
David Shams, (May 6, 5:16pm)
Anonymous, (May 6, 7:14am)
Austin Cole, (May 6, 4:57am)

(Name, donation time)
Joshua Freedholm, 12:00am
Will Magioncalda, 11:41pm
Sarah Martz, 11:41pm
James Ulrich, 11:36pm
James Majewski, 11:35pm
Lyla Holstein, 11:34pm
Anonymous, 11:12pm
Anonymous, 11:07pm
Jane Stevens, 10:54pm
Jean-Philippe Fauchet, 10:45pm
Christian Melendez, 10:35pm
John Lloyd and Budin, 10:13pm
Christine Miller, 10:04pm
Emily Schulman, 9:58pm
Shelly Gray, 9:49pm
Mariana Lopez, 9:40pm
Anonymous, 9:40pm
Matthew Field, 9:39pm
D&J Owens, 9:29pm
Phyllis Owens, 9:26pm
Sarah Alex, 9:20pm
Tim Spear, 9:13pm
Owen Maguire, 9:07pm
Geoff Okpych, 8:59pm
Marie Okpych, 8:58pm
Olive Okpych, 8:57pm
Emma Okpych, 8:56pm
Anonymous, 8:55pm
Wally Okpych, 8:55pm
Christine Okpych, 8:54pm
Paul Bugg, 8:52pm
Angelica Garcia, 8:45pm
Cynthia Bohlin, 8:41pm
Celeste Escobedo, 8:38pm
Eric Kmetz, 8:36pm
Mark Lewis, 8:32pm
Michael Silas, 8:26pm
Lisa Helvin, 8:26pm
Anonymous, 8:21pm
Greta Silas, 8:20pm
Jason Ferreri, 8:11pm
Josh Frieder, 8:08pm
Lizette Villarreal, 8:03pm
Tracy Manrique, 8:01pm
Graeme Bush, 7:56pm
Anonymous, 7:52pm
Jane Ottenberg, 7:46pm
Dodge Thompson, 7:45pm
Anthony Piccari, 7:41pm
Kelly and Josh Bonnie, 7:36pm
Luke Ryan, 7:32pm
Antonia Preciado, 7:31pm
Dinah Oberes, 7:29pm
Whitney Casstevens, 7:08pm
Elizabeth Conte, 7:05pm
Michael Vaughan-Cherubin, 6:58pm
Anonymous, 6:51pm
Donald Ausherman, 6:34pm
Andrew Ritter, 6:06pm
Jana Sharp, 5:56pm
Rachel Gorosh, 5:52pm
Bonnie Politz, 5:34pm
John Preotle, 5:12pm
M.H Rubin, 5:02pm
Anonymous, 5:02pm
Ayan Rubin, 4:33pm
Brittany Gropp, 4:33pm
Kyle Lorenz, 4:30pm
James Harkness, 4:15PM
Lillian Gao, 4:10pm
Jeffrey Koung, 4:09pm
Jennifer Lewis, 3:44pm
Aaron Wodin-Schwartz, 3:18pm
Tim Preotle, 3:15pm
James Young, 3:15pm
David Barritt-Flatt, 3:03pm
James Green, 2:59pm
Devin Talbott, 2:57pm
Flavius Badau, 2:54pm
Anonymous, 2:34pm
Vaidas Lamanauskas, 2:19pm
Judith Ciampoli, 2:13pm
Malcolm Catt, 2:07pm
Brian Sanker, 2:01pm
Thomas and Ingrid Sutton, 1:58pm
Mara Peltz, 1:52pm
Bart and Judy Gorman, 1:47pm
Abbie Ginis, 1:43pm
Lara Fu, 1:34pm
Bruce Schulman, 1:20pm
James Jackson, 12:59pm
Sarah Dee, 12:58pm
Macy White, 12:57pm
Jeffrey Howdeshell, 12:57pm
Ana Henderson, 12:57pm
Erin Sheerin, 12:57pm
Bart Jacksono, 12:56pm
Mason Holstein, 12:54pm
Anonymous, 12:52pm
Louie Henderson, 12:52pm
Robbie Keane, 12:50pm
Sherry Welsh, 12:48pm
Walter Okpych, 12:47pm
Sean Hinkle, 12:47pm
Christine Tomlinson, 12:45pm
Leah Hochstetler, 12:43pm
Steven Lang, 12:43pm
Anonymous, 12:39pm
Abby Phillips, 12:38pm
Chris Phillips, 12:37pm
Sam Kasner, 12:36pm
Eli Hochstetler, 12:36pm
William T. Sutton, 12:36pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 12:35pm
Laurie Gonzalez, 12:35pm
Launa Hochstetler, 12:35pm
Tom Gross, 12:33pm
Shay Given, 12:30pm
LaVar Arrington, 12:29pm
Sharyn Sutton, 12:29pm
Jonah Owens, 12:28pm
Kathy Chamberlain, 12:28pm
Danny Sheerin, 12:27pm
David Owens, 12:27pm
Kenny Owens, 12:26pm
Matt Dozier, 12:26pm
Jake Conte, 12:24pm
Zach Warren, 12:24pm
Dan Henderson, 12:23pm
Alex Hyman, 12:23pm
Daniel Henderson, 12:22pm
Eliana Henderson, 12:21pm
Adi Rose Henderson, 12:20pm
Barbara Wootton, 12:20pm
Angel Horacek, 12:17pm
Elizabeth Bradley, 12:16pm
Katrina Owens, 12:16pm
Martin Palacios, 12:15pm
Calder Trevelyan, 12:15pm
Max Sutton, 12:15pm
Stu Trevelyan, 12:14pm
Bertha Arreola, 12:14pm
Eva Sutton, 12:13pm
Ella Trevelyan, 12:13pm
James Frison, 12:12pm
Anonymous, 12:12pm
Linda Shorey, 12:12pm
Jessica Trevelyan, 12:12pm
William Sutton, 12:12pm
Jessica Wootton, 12:10pm
Anonymous, 12:09pm
Timothy Huether, 12:08pm
Michael Holstein, 12:04pm
Zabrina Krishnamoorthy, 12:04pm
Tony Francavilla, 12:02pm
Bethany Henderson, 12:02pm
Klu Clougherty, 12:01pm
Carolyn White, 12:01pm
Anonymous, 11:28am
Alex Diaz-Asper, 10:32am
Justin Mullner, 10:29am
Benjamin Kennedy, 10:08am
Pauline & Roger Locker, 10:01am
Gregory Ossi, 10:00am
Adam Brockett, 9:59am
Kim R, 9:52am
Anonymous, 9:40am
Paul Cirino, 9:33am
Joshua Kim, 8:51am
Anonymous, 8:47am
Ben Hsieh, 8:46am

Before Giving Tuesday Now
Lorena Palacios, (May 4, 10:15am)

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