Working together during Giving Tuesday

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It only takes one individual can make an impact, and together, the lives of thousands of kids in the District can change for the better.

This Giving Tuesday (December 3), your support can go a long way to help kids reach their full potential. A donation to DC SCORES, no matter the amount, will help continue offering kids the opportunity to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and in life.

  • $10: Gives one poet-athlete socks and shin guards

  • $25: Provides transportation for a kid to travel to soccer tournaments and Poetry Slam

  • $50: A microphone so a poet-athlete can use their voice and power on stage

  • $100: Provides one poet-athlete with soccer equipment and writing supplies for one year

  • $300: Provides soccer jerseys for an entire team with their school’s name on the back

  • $500: Offers a full DC SCORES season for a child

  • $1,000: Provides one elementary school student with the DC SCORES program for one year

We know that all of these opportunities are possible thanks to every single one of our donors. That’s why we want to thank all of our Giving Tuesday supporters in real time in a list below.

Thank you. We’re going to say it a lot today because you’re making a real impact on the lives in DC kids. THANK YOU!

Giving Tuesday High 5’s

(Name, time gave)
Linda Shorey, 8:50am (Dec. 16)
Judith Ciampoli, 1:51pm (Dec. 9)
Karen Mitchell, 4:16pm (Dec. 8)
Laura Downs, 11:42pm (Dec. 4)
Liz Jewell, 10:22pm (Dec. 4)
Andrea Vannucci, 9:09pm (Dec. 4)
Matthew Tiberii, 6:46pm (Dec. 4)
Mary-Kate Corcoran, 1:08pm (Dec. 4)
Judith Ciampoli, 12:20pm (Dec. 4)
Paul Ciampoli, 10:59am (Dec. 4)
Ema Reid, 10:24am (Dec. 4)
Christopher Metzger, 10:04am (Dec. 4)
Robert Warshaw, 9:23am (Dec. 4)
Nihar Shah, 8:55am (Dec. 4)
Sarah Sadowski, 4:29am (Dec. 4)
Jacqui Kemp, 1:59am (Dec. 4)
Alex Bergman, 12:09am (Dec. 4)
Tillman Johnson, 12:01am (Dec. 4)
Carol Bernate, 11:54pm
Yumi Rydlun, 11:42pm
Jennifer Lewis, 11:36pm
Adam Cook, 11:17pm
Mark Steo, 11:02pm
Anonymous, 10:40pm
Ankit Sheth, 10:36pm
Corey Timbers, 10:35pm
Marcy Karin, 10:16pm
Jane Preotle, 10:12pm
Debra Clark, 10:12pm
Christen Gallagher, 10:12pm
Deborah Eckbreth, 10:12pm
Whitney Casstevens, 10:10pm
Mark Lewis, 10:04pm
Whitney Fisler, 10:01pm
Katherine Makris, 10:00pm
Kevin Parker, 10:00pm
Ryan Kelley, 9:50pm
Timothy Borysowski, 9:50pm
Dahna Goldstein, 9:47pm
Carolyn White, 9:44pm
Victoria Wigodzky, 9:44pm
Anonymous, 9:43pm
Chip Lohmeyer, 9:37pm
Lisa Helvin, 9:37pm
Patrick & Trish Ahern, 9:36pm
Melissa Dana, 9:31pm
JP Fauchet, 9:27pm
Ariana Riske, 9:25pm
Joy Page, 9:21pm
Owen Maguire, 9:21pm
Marni Morse, 9:14pm
Anonymous, 9:05pm
Erich Walizer, 9:04pm
Kathryn Belcher, 9:03pm
Jeffrey Neal, 9:03pm
Sarah Rapawy, 9:02pm
Brandon Mansur, 9:02pm
Melodie George, 8:59pm
Wally Okpych, 8:57pm
Philippe Monfiston, 8:55pm
Zabrina Krishnamoorthy, 8:53pm
Leslie Welsh, 8:52pm
Lindsey Sharp, 8:51pm
Hannah Romick, 8:50pm
Jane Reagan, 8:50pm
Daniel Sheerin, 8:48pm
Libby Watkins, 8:48pm
Suraj Patel, 8:48pm
Zach Warren, 8:47pm
K Hsieh, 8:46pm
Yash Mehta, 8:46pm
Ben Hsieh, 8:46pm
Gillian Parrish, 8:45pm
Anonymous, 8:45pm
Robert Crim, 8:45pm
Fred Rubin, 8:45pm
Fred Hargrove, 8:45pm
Joshua Freedholm, 8:45pm
Robert Smith, 8:44pm
Andrea Caumont, 8:44pm
Lara Fu, 8:44pm
Katie Lu Clougherty, 8:44pm
Cheryl Crim, 8:44pm
Holly ODonnell, 8:43pm
Ben Hsiehhsieh, 8:43pm
Anonymous, 8:42pm
Nathean Meadows, 8:42pm
Liliana Ascencio, 8:42pm
Praneet Puppala, 8:42pm
Anthony Piccari, 8:41pm
Ben Hsieh, 8:41pm
Anonymous, 8:40pm
Michael Rees, 8:39pm
Jenn Hudler, 8:38pm
Tina Rivard, 8:36pm
Cindy Hudler, 8:36pm
Deborah Pereira, 8:34pm
Andrew Krantz, 8:33pm
Tiffany Pereira Hudler, 8:31pm
Lyla Holstein, 8:28pm
Lucca Hudler, 8:26pm
Maren Hudler, 8:25pm
Anonymous, 8:24pm
Chris Hudler, 8:23pm
Anonymous, 8:21pm
Kemba Ford, 8:20pm
Anonymous, 8:18pm
Jan Hodges, 8:16pm
Ann Butenhof, 8:15pm
Elle Carne, 8:11pm
Timothy Huether, 8:10pm
Danielle Lafave, 8:10pm
Jake Conte, 8:09pm
Martin Fox, 8:09pm
Christopher Richardson, 8:07pm
Bruce Schulman, 8:06pm
Debra Freedholm, 8:05pm
David Freedholm, 8:04pm
Michelle Swick, 8:04pm
Jason Ferreri, 8:04pm
Beth Hester, 8:02pm
Rachel Gorosh, 8:01pm
Ronya Corey, 7:59pm
Elaine Walizer, 7:57pm
Michael Olsen, 7:53pm
Eric Fins, 7:51pm
Curtis Allen, 7:40pm
Peter Ho and Sally Au Yeung, 7:33pm
Sarah Helinek, 7:33pm
Anonymous, 7:11pm
Scott Abbott, 7:07pm
John and Mary Jo Vrem-Ydstie, 7:07pm
Christopher Richardson, 6:52pm
Christina Tunison, 6:21pm
Anonymous, 5:53pm
Andrew Coleman, 5:49pm
Jason Kling, 5:33pm
Melissa Guzman, 5:28pm
Sharon Finney, 5:16pm
Jennifer Jacobs, 5:15pm
Anonymous, 5:15pm
John Lloyd, 5:09pm
Bo and Jessica Davis, 5:02pm
Bonnie Politz, 5:02pm
Anonymous, 5:00pm
Sharon Plonsker, 4:56pm
Traci Lee, 4:46pm
Emily DeMent, 4:39pm
Julie and Zach Friedlis, 4:36pm
Cheryl Opere, 4:23pm
Anonymous, 4:12pm
Matthew Glass, 4:07pm
Douglas Kotlove, 4:05pm
Kelly Bonnie, 4:04pm
John Guzman, 3:59pm
Anonymous, 3:57pm
Emily Thompson, 3:46pm
Anonymous, 3:46pm
Sarah Cronin, 3:45pm
Brandon Johnson-Balthrop, 3:41pm
John Preotle, 3:36pm
Alexander Lord, 3:35pm
Alnetta McCall, 3:34pm
Lauren Young, 3:34pm
Conor McCormick, 3:30pm
Devin Talbott, 3:29pm
Ayan and Mike Rubin, 2:59pm
Cyndi Bohlin, 2:53pm
Anonymous, 2:48pm
Jackie Christian, 2:40pm
Bonita Skagen, 2:34pm
Matt Preotle, 2:25pm
Daniel Sheerin, 2:24pm
Steven Riggins, 2:10pm
Laura Denton, 2:10pm
John Verdin, 2:09pm
Anonymous, 2:05pm
Kevin Alansky, 1:49pm
Ryan Steele, 1:49pm
Nick Holthaus, 1:49pm
Allison Hyra, 1:48pm
Mara Peltz, 1:46pm
Anonymous, 1:44pm
Lindsey Sharp, 1:35pm
William Hoenig, 1:34pm
All-Purpose Capitol Riverfront, 1:31pm
Tamar Levenberg, 1:21pm
Jeff Koung, 1:21pm
Brendan Herbert, 1:18pm
Anonymous, 1:14pm
W Terence Welsh, 1:11pm
Erika Toman, 1:09pm
Tanzeela Islam, 1:07pm
Mark Burlet, 1:04pm
Alexander Wilson, 1:03pm
Welsh Sheerin, 1:01pm
Zach Blumenfeld, 1:01pm
Kimberly Orr, 1:01pm
Anonymous, 1:00pm
Liliana Ascencio, 1:00pm
Anonymous, 12:57pm
Monisha Kapila, 12:57pm
Jeffrey Howdeshell, 12:57pm
Jonah Owens, 12:57pm
Kenny Owens, 12:56pm
Klu Clougherty, 12:56pm
Launa Hochstetler, 12:56pm
Nicole Verdin, 12:55pm
Kathy Hinkle, 12:55pm
Thomas Bogle, 12:54pm
Alexander Harkins, 12:53pm
Mat Kendall, 12:53pm
Eric Hoy, 12:52pm
Benjamin Morris, 12:51pm
Luke Ryan, 12:51pm
David Eli Owens, 12:51pm
Greta Poku, 12:50pm
Aeon Clarke, 12:50pm
Rachel Klepper, 12:50pm
John Conte, 12:49pm
Katrina Owens, 12:48pm
Tim Preotle, 12:48pm
Senor Bean Henderson, 12:48pm
Dan J Henderson, 12:47pm
Matthew Lindsay, 12:46pm
Daniel Henderson, 12:45pm
Louie Henderson, 12:44pm
P.E.G.S. Henderson, 12:44pm
Michael Riggins, 12:44pm
LS Henderson, 12:42pm
Bethany Henderson, 12:41pm
Tyler Boyles, 12:41pm
Ana Henderson, 12:40pm
Dan Henderson, 12:39pm
Christine Sentner Brooks, 12:38pm
Mackenzie Phelps, 12:38pm
Mike Riggins, 12:37pm
Gregory Ossi, 12:37pm
Bethany Henderson, 12:36pm
Angel Horacek, 12:35pm
Eliana Henderson, 12:35pm
Gabriel Rybeck, 12:35pm
Adi Rose Henderson, 12:34pm
Sabeena Rajpal, 12:34pm
Thomas Cronin, 12:33pm
Alex Diaz-Asper, 12:32pm
Jake Lloyd, 12:31pm
Ella Trevelyan, 12:30pm
Sean Hinkle, 12:28pm
Robert Petri, 12:27pm
Calder Trevelyan, 12:27pm
Elmer Christian, 12:27pm
Stuart Trevelyan, 12:24pm
Kenya Goods, 12:24pm
Courtney Han, 12:24pm
Geoffrey Okpych, 12:24pm
Chiara Forte, 12:23pm
Jessica Trevelyan, 12:22pm
Gerald Andriole, 12:21pm
Will Magioncalda, 12:20pm
Libby Watkins, 12:19pm
Olive Okpych, 12:17pm
Mary and Bill Stevens, 12:17pm
Jeffrey Poku-Adjei, 12:15pm
Christine Okpych, 12:13pm
Carl Kenney, 12:13pm
Joseph Palladino, 12:12pm
Tim Spear, 12:12pm
Ben Hsieh, 12:12pm
Elizabeth Bradley, 12:11pm
Jimena Vallejo, 12:10pm
Walter Okpych, IV, 12:09pm
Michael Holstein, 12:06pm
Brian Sanker, 12:05pm
Tony Francavilla, 12:04pm
Brian Duncan, 12:04pm
Tony Francavilla, 12:02pm
Jane Stevens, 11:59am
Aaron Wodin-Schwartz, 11:52am
Amy and Fred Rubin, 11:36am
Joseph Hosler, 11:33am
Margaret Bennett, 11:33am
Joseph Hosler, 11:27am
Bill Willis, 11:26am
Brigid McKelvey, 11:21am
Julie Gaskins, 11:20am
Emily Locker, 11:17am
Sharon Welsh, 11:17am
Debra Riggins, 11:16am
Ben Bennett, 11:14am
Anonymous, 11:12am
Christina Brown, 11:05am
Rockford Weitz, 11:05am
Christina Brown, 11:03am
Anonymous, 10:56am
Tom Gross, 10:49am
Christine Miller, 10:45am
Anna Barrera, 10:43am
Anne Harding Woodworth, 10:41am
Paul Hamill, 10:37am
Kelly Glavin, 10:33am
Michael Shipley, 10:19am
Zabrina Krishnamoorthy, 10:19am
Andrew Crouter, 10:08am
Dan McCarthy, 10:04am
Eric Lyman, 10:03am
Kirsten Entsuah, 9:59am
Jason Finney, 9:59am
Jake Lloyd, 9:54am
Lila Simmons, 9:46am
David Goodwin, 9:45am
Joshua McGee, 9:43am
Lesley Poole, 9:34am
Felicia Chaplin, 9:32am
S Goodman, 9:31am
Kelly Waldron, 9:25am
Laurie Gonzalez, 9:24am
John Gambaccini, 9:19am
Jana Sharp, 9:12am
Anonymous, 8:56am
Anonymous, 8:52am
Susan John, 8:45am
Adam Rupe, 8:41am
Takita Battle, 8:38am
Anonymous, 8:37am
Linda Gebric, 8:08am
Cheryl Gregory, 12:55am
Giving Tuesday
Lorena Palacios (Nov. 27)

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