Making an impact in the community through service-learning projects

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.57.43 AM-ef92e1.png Truesdell Education Campus – Middle School

The spring SCORES season consists of 12-weeks of free afterschool programming for DC SCORES poet-athletes. Besides soccer practices and weekly games, each team spends time in the classroom to identify an issue in their local community and then address it with a service-learning project.

During the season, individual teams work together — building upon the teamwork formed on the soccer field and at the Poetry Slam — to make a positive impact not only within their school, but also the greater community.

Projects range from neighborhood and schools clean-ups, to awareness campaigns, to raising money for the homeless, and much more. This year was no less impactful than any other year, as DC SCORES poet-athletes went above and beyond for their community.

BANCROFT-b0ce54.jpg Bancroft Elementary School

The range of service-learning project ranged from a variety of issues from food drives by Washington School for Girls and Cardozo Education Campus, to tutoring younger students like the Seaton Stingers and the Thomson Tigers did in their schools.

This season, homelessness was a popular issue that many DC SCORES teams decided to address. Van Ness Elementary School, Aiton Elementary School and Barnard Elementary School all focused their season toward helping the local homeless community around them. Powell Elementary School filmed a PSA about exactly what it means to be homeless and offered numerous ways to help fight the stigma of anyone going through hard times. There was definitely some creativity and fun involved as the poet-athletes from Drew Elementary School raised funds to battle homelessness by hosting their “Helping Hands” Carnival with food, games, music and useful information and resources for their whole community.

Many teams took an interest in environmental issues and keeping their school clean this season as well. Marie Reed Elementary School, Brookland Middle School, Thomas Elementary School, and Hart Middle School, among others, hosted school clean-up at their respective schools and neighborhoods to set the example about keeping their surroundings spotless.

The list of issues that are important to DC SCORES teams is endless. From raising funds for breast cancer and local animal shelters, immigrant rights advocacy work and gun violence awareness, there’s no doubt that teams across the District are committed to making a positive impact within their community.

It’s been another fantastic spring SCORES season thanks to the teamwork, leadership and commitment shown by DC SCORES poet-athletes!

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