Expanding Junior SCORES during Do More 24

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In order to serve more kids in the District, DC SCORES expanded its program to include K-2 graders and teach the core values of teamwork, leadership and commitment at a younger age.

Junior SCORES currently serves over 250 kids, ages 5-8, and offers age-appropriate soccer activities with a social-emotional skill development component. DC SCORES is able to offer this opportunity completely free of charge to our participants thanks to people like you who contribute on days like Do More 24.

Our goal is to expand Junior SCORES programming so more kids can be a part of a team earlier on in life. Junior SCORES offers our youngest kids the chance to get started working with a team, building confidence and learning fundamental soccer skills. It creates an early pipeline for kids into our programming, so they can start their time in elementary school off with a supportive after-school community where they can create lasting, impactful relationships with classmates and coaches that will carry on throughout the years.

This Do More 24 — Wednesday, May 22 - Thursday, May 23 from noon to noon — please help us expand Junior SCORES to more kids by donating!

  • $24: Provides a soccer kit for a kid in need
  • $48: A soccer kit for a boy and girl
  • $80: A soccer goal for a school (each school uses 4 goals for game days)
  • $160: Field equipment for an entire team
  • $299: Soccer jerseys for an entire team
  • $500: Full DC SCORES season for a child
  • $1,000: Provides one elementary school student with DC SCORES programming for one year

During Do More 24, each and every donor makes a direct impact. So we will give thanks below in real time — by listing every one of you. Keep refreshing to see your name added to the list of high 5’s. And…


Do More 24 High 5’s (Name, time gave)
Thursday, May 23
Annabelle Baehr, 12:00pm
Brian Sanker, 11:59am
Anonymous, 11:59am
Anonymous, 11:58am
Carol Downing, 11:57am
Joseph Palladino, 11:54am
David Goodwin, 11:47am
Michael Welsh, 11:41am
Eleanor Cunningham, 11:39am
Anonymous, 11:33am
Eileen Badie, 11:20am
Michael Caro, 11:15am
Brian Tham, 11:07am
Toni Blackwell, 11:06am
Megan Gordon, 11:02am
Joi Hollis, 11:00am
Eli Hochstetler, 10:59am
Aaron Sparks, 10:55am
Anonymous, 10:50am
Phyllis Owens, 10:44am
Elise Lemle, 10:43am
Linda Munich, 10:42am
Susan Bodzioney, 10:37am
Sharon Welsh, 10:34am
Joseph Klein, 10:32am
Cynthia Bohlin, 10:31am
Bryan Hinkle, 10:31am
Edward McHenry, 10:28am
Tina Rivard, 10:27am
Timothy Shirey, 10:27am
Anonymous, 10:21am
Walter Okpych, 10:20am
Jessica Trevelyan, 10:18am
Deborah Lindenberg, 10:17am
Christina Tunison, 10:14am
Diana Corrigan, 10:13am
Kathleen Horwitz, 10:12am
Anonymous, 10:10am
Eric Setzer, 10:08am
Anonymous, 10:08am
THU DO, 10:06am
Daniel Sheerin, 10:06am
Laurie Stras, 10:05am
Emily Locker, 10:03am
Joshua Freedholm, 9:53am
Sean Hinkle, 9:53am
Laura Downs, 9:49am
Kimberly Nevitt, 9:44am
Michael Riggins, 9:42am
W Terence Welsh, 9:42am
Anonymous, 9:32am
Alexander Lord, 9:31am
Alex Diaz-Asper, 9:26am
Olga Kuzmina, 9:21am
Matthew Glass, 9:17am
Emily Locker, 9:13am
Jeffrey Koung, 9:10am
Katherine Makris, 9:01am
Katrina Owens, 9:00am
Rachel Gorosh, 8:51am
Nnemdilim Ubezonu, 8:46am
Erich Walizer, 8:46am
Judi Shnider, 8:37am
Chris Hudler, 8:36am
Whitney Jarrell, 8:32am
Andrew Krantz, 8:31am
Stephen Christensen, 8:29am
Erin Sheerin, 8:26am
Pauline Klein-Locker, 8:19am
Christopher Berg, 8:18am
Jane Ottenberg, 8:17am
Launa Hochstetler, 8:14am
Anonymous, 7:31am
Marybeth Madden, 7:02am
Megan Hauber, 6:28am
Bruce Schulman, 6:25am
Matthew Lindsay, 4:57am
Jocelyn Potts, 12:35am
Wednesday, May 22
Michelle Harrolle, 11:57pm
Emily Schulman, 10:41pm
Nicole Blum, 10:14pm
Melissa Dana, 10:02pm
Elaine Walizer, 9:35pm
EMA Reid, 9:29pm
Jessie Nance, 9:12pm
Anonymous, 8:44pm
Alexis Gallagher, 8:40pm
Valerie Holzherr, 8:37pm
Michael Spratt, 8:37pm
Catherine Sutton, 8:12pm
Jane Stevens, 8:02pm
Sarah Lynch, 7:58pm
Allison Berger, 7:57pm
William Stevens, 7:26pm
Amy Nakamoto, 7:10pm
John Guzman, 7:01pm
Leah Hochstetler, 6:33pm
Aniko Schwarcz, 6:25pm
Kathleen Hinkle, 5:56pm
Kemba Ford, 5:47pm
Emma Gross, 5:46pm
Christina Brown, 5:38pm
John Preotle, 5:34pm
Paul Bugg, 5:33pm
Andrew Mack, 5:27pm
Cathi Sitzman, 5:23pm
Alexander Bearman, 5:14pm
Tim Preotle, 5:12pm
Susan Bachrach, 5:11pm
Matthew Dozier, 5:09pm
Danielle McKenrick, 5:08pm
Matthew Prebble, 5:08pm
Laurie Timm, 5:00pm
Carolyn White, 4:58pm
Allison Brown, 4:57pm
Anonymous, 4:50pm
Donna Wisniewski, 4:41pm
Nathan Lee, 4:33pm
Libby Watkins, 4:23pm
Ria Otanes, 4:22pm
Isabel Reiff, 4:12pm
Eric Kmetz, 4:08pm
Noelle Carne, 4:06pm
Adira Siman, 4:04pm
Paul Grayson, 4:01pm
Dori Hazan, 3:53pm
Ryan Kelley, 3:44pm
Andrew Dolan, 3:30pm
Anonymous, 3:16pm
Richard Leimsider, 3:15pm
Holly Burd, 3:11pm
Matthew Schmidt, 3:10pm
Lisa Helvin, 3:08pm
Babby Albanna, 3:07pm
Max Moio, 3:04pm
Michael Shipley, 3:03pm
Benjamin Kennedy, 2:56pm
Patricia Bouchet, 2:49pm
Jaime Yager, 2:45pm
Anne H Woodworth, 2:44pm
Kelly Van Beveren, 2:28pm
William Sutton, 2:25pm
Dan McCarthy, 2:13pm
Sharyn Sutton, 2:12pm
Anonymous, 2:06pm
Maureen Galkin, 2:00pm
Jessica Carter, 1:55pm
Neha Dhindsa, 1:55pm
Anthony Francavilla, 1:53pm
Lorena Palacios, 1:52pm
Sarah Martz, 1:31pm
Anonymous, 1:30pm
Tim Spear, 1:29pm
Anonymous, 1:28pm
Melissa Bowers, 1:26pm
Traci Lee, 1:23pm
Jeanine Bonds, 1:23pm
Catherine Fee, 1:20pm
Angel Horacek, 1:18pm
Traci Lee, 1:08pm
Amit Singh, 1:04pm
Jacob Yager, 1:02pm
Laura Denton, 1:01pm
Jake Lloyd, 12:59pm
Sophia Newbold, 12:55pm
Jason Finney, 12:53pm
Alan Yager, 12:52pm
Heather Arrington, 12:51pm
Laurie Gonzalez, 12:30pm
Ayan Rubin, 12:28pm
Timothy Huether, 12:20pm
Ann Carmel, 12:15pm
Michael McRae, 12:15pm
John Conte, 12:14pm
Anonymous, 12:13pm
Samantha Sher, 12:13pm
Zabrina Krishnamoorthy, 12:11pm
Cara Manket, 12:11pm
Carole Kelley, 12:11pm
Rebecca Kiely, 12:08pm
Sarah Helinek, 12:06pm
Michael Holstein, 12:04pm
Jeffrey Carmel, 12:03pm
Samuel Dinte, 12:02pm
Cara Manket, 12:01pm
Elizabeth Yager, 11:53am
Gene Frederick Jr., 11:30am
Carl Mohamed, 9:52am
Anonymous, 9:47am
Joe Beninati, 8:45am
David Shams, 7:56am
Adriana Elefante, May 21
Barbara Sturtevant, May 15

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