As August comes to an end the Fall SCORES season quickly begins!

Today marks the start of the 24th Fall SCORES season!


Over the next 12 weeks, 2,900 poet-athletes at 65 sites in D.C, will form teams on and off the field by participating in soccer and poetry/creative writing.

During the fall season the program overview is similar between elementary and middle school poet-athletes.

Elementary schools have programming five days a week. Two days a week are designated for soccer practices and two days are for expressing themselves through poetry and spoken word.

Every Thursday, poet-athletes have the opportunity to participate in game days with schools across the city.

Girls vs. girls and boys vs. boys.

Middle schools have programming three days a week, yet have the same amount of program hours as elementary schools.

Middle schools have both soccer and writing two days a week and game days on Fridays.

Over the course of the fall season there will be many events to attend!

However, here’s two events you will want to mark on your calendar!

On October 13 at Trinity University, DC SCORES puts on the largest event of the fall season, Fall Frenzy. This is a full day, outdoor celebration for our elementary school poet-athletes and their families!

During November 13-15 DC SCORES will present three nights of Poetry Slam! One night for middle schools, one for our Westside sites, and one for our Eastside sites.

Poet-athletes ages 8-14 come together to perform their original poems in-front of a live audience.

Their original works address the most pressing and current issues facing their communities, including racial and gender equality, immigration, identity, bullying, and social justice.


It’s D.C.’s biggest youth spoken-word competition!

We cannot wait to be reunited with all our poet-athletes and witness all that they accomplish this Fall SCORES season!

There will be other events throughout the season so stay tuned on DC SCORES website!

Want to get involved with DC SCORES, check out all the different ways you can make an impact as a volunteer.

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