Coaches gear up for the Fall SCORES season with Coach Kickoff

On the last Saturday of August, veteran and new DC SCORES coaches woke up early and visited Brookland Middle School.

Why is that? Coach Kickoff of course! 29367274907_045e0ee02c_k.jpg

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It was an action packed day for coaches to brainstorm ways to educate in the classroom as well as on the soccer field for the upcoming Fall SCORES season starting on September 4.

It’s a time to embrace all coaches and volunteers–the heart and soul of DC SCORES.

The morning started with the New Coach Coffee for new DC SCORES coaches to mingle and get to know other new coaches starting this season.

Coach Kickoff had the pleasure of hosting the amazing Jana Sharp, Principal and Founder of Sharp Insight. She gave a very inspiring speech to all the volunteers and coaches about youth development.

DC SCORES coaches really enjoyed Jana’s session as it served as a great motivator for the rest of the day and the upcoming season.

One coach said, “Jane Sharp was great. Her speech was very engaging and interactive!”

Jana is well known for her collaborative work style, thorough knowledge of evaluation theory and practice, interactive facilitation, and her personal investment to each organization’s mission she works with.

One activity consisted of groups of coaches listing program outcomes they wanted for this upcoming season, as well as program quality standards.

The next item on the day’s agenda was lunch!

This was more time for the coaches, volunteers, and staff to mingle and plan for the Fall SCORES season. 42495172580_e50035be69_o.jpg

After lunch coaches split up into either soccer or poetry workshops to further enhance their coaching abilities.

DC SCORES is really unique for the fact that it combine soccer, poetry, and service learning while others focus solely on soccer.

I really enjoyed sitting in on the poetry workshop and hearing all the coaches and volunteers go around the room sharing their poems. Some were very deep and moving to hear.

It’s really awesome to see how passionate the coaches and volunteers are about the program because that makes the poet-athletes all the more successful! 29367272637_0cf3723b5b_o.jpg

After workshops, the day came to an end as coaches gathered their soccer and writing supplies to start the season in a few days!

It was a day full of speakers, writing workshops , and of course soccer!

Safe to say Coach Kickoff was a success! Thank you to all who made it happen and really looking forward to the Fall SCORES season.

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