Brightwood Education Campus Spreads Acts of Kindness

This Spring at Brightwood Education Campus sixth, seventh and eighth graders are learning how to spread acts of kindness throughout their school as their service learning project.

Through the service-learning component of the DC SCORES program, Brightwood DC SCORES students are feeling empowered and learning how to give back to their school community.

Students researched how to promote acts of kindness in their community by creating a paper tree with acts of kindness written on the leaves that students can take part in. The tree will eventually be displayed in the school hallways. They are also making acts of kindness announcements and flyers and posters to share with their classmates.


Led by DC SCORES writing coach Belinda Omenitsch, students are taught how to engage in leadership and creativity skills.

“My favorite part of service-learning is that we learn how to be better at being kind to each other,” says Tatiana, 12.

Students are able to translate their sportsmanship and teamwork skills from the field to service-learning and working together to better their community.

“We’ve gotten a few ESL (English as a second language) students who are in the program,” says Omenitsch. “I have been able to see them grow as students, as team members and as community members. They [the students] have really come out of their shell”


On May 22, Brightwood students had the opportunity to attend the 6th Annual Congressional Soccer Match held at Gonzaga College High School as ball girls.

This exciting occasion celebrates the end of a successful Spring 2018 service learning program at the school and marks a vibrant future for the DC SCORES program at Brightwood Education Campus.

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