A Sweet Afternoon with the Thomas Tigers and Brainfood


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On a cold Tuesday afternoon, the Thomas Tigers traveled to Brainfood’s kitchen for a special workshop as part of the Community Cooking Coaches Program that emphasized the importance of healthy eating.

The Thomas Tigers had a chance to show off the skills they’ve been learning in their winter SCORES nutrition sessions when the Community Cooking Coaches introduced the workshop with a fun “True or False” food game.

Did you know that there are over 450 blueberry plants in the world? The Thomas Tigers sure did, as nearly the whole team answered the question correctly!

The Community Cooking Coaches then jumped right into a question for our team, “What is your favorite dessert?”


Most answers were sugary desserts like cookies, ice cream and cake. We learned that we would be making “No Bake Fruit Tarts”- a healthy dessert alternative to our favorite sugary treats!

After splitting into smaller groups with the Community Cooking Coaches, our team members read through the recipe and gathered all of the food and supplies they needed. The recipe used healthy alternatives to some of our favorite foods. We used soy-nut butter and coconut yogurt in our fruit tarts to accommodate common allergies!

After the Tigers mixed up the oats, cereal, soy-nut butter and honey, they formed them into mini tart cups and topped them off with coconut yogurt and some of their favorite colorful fruits, including mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries!

Each group plated their masterpieces and came back together to feast as a team, trying each others fruit tarts and offering helpful feedback.


Many of the Thomas Tigers had the chance to try new foods and learn new cooking skills. Everyone took a copy of the recipe home to show off their skills to friends and family!

Thank you to Brainfood DC for a delicious and fun afternoon!

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