Winter SCORES: Combining soccer and nutrition for a healthy 2018

The break is officially over and DC SCORES is back!

It’s been two months since the fall SCORES season ended but time flies by when you’re having fun. Today (finally), DC SCORES programming is back at four sites.

Winter SCORES consists of a six-week, scaled-down nutrition and soccer program that will take place this year at Lincoln Middle School, Thomas Elementary School, Truesdell Education Campus-Elementary, and Tubman Elementary School.

Poet-athletes will learn about the importance of properly fueling their bodies to perform their best on the field. Each student will get the opportunity to prepare healthy snacks and see for themselves the difference proper nutrition can make for an athlete during soccer clinics.


Winter programming aims to get kids thinking about the choices they make when it comes to nutrition and showcase the importance of combining exercise with nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Participating poet-athletes get the opportunity to learn about nutrition in a fun way with hands-on activities and cooking sessions with partner program, Brainfood.

The curriculum, partially provided by Common Threads, covers a wide range of topics aiming to empower our poet-athletes to make healthier conscious eating choices. Each lesson will address a specific topic such as reading nutrition labels, serving size, food origins and drinks.

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Make sure to keep up with our poet-athletes during their six-week adventure on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and don’t forget that spring SCORES kicks off on March 12!

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