The start of the fall SCORES season!

Today DC SCORES kicks off its 23rd fall SCORES season!

For the next 12 weeks, more than 2,200 students in all 8 wards in DC will form teams on the field and in the classroom by participating in soccer and poetry and creative writing activities. DC SCORES’ poet-athletes are instilled the core values of Teamwork, Leadership, and Commitment while also emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship.

DC SCORES runs the only consistent public soccer leagues for both elementary and middle school youth in DC. Each team practices twice a week and game days are on Thursdays for elementary schools and Fridays for middle schools.

During our fall season, DC SCORES poet-athletes get the opportunity to write and perform their creative writing pieces. The season concludes with the annual Poetry Slam! where each school gets to perform their poems on stage


Program Schedule

Elementary schools have programming five days a week. Two days a week are designated for soccer practices and two days are for expressing themselves through poetry. Each Thursday, poet-athletes get the opportunity to participate in game days where schools play against other schools in separate girls and boys soccer games.

Middle schools have programming three days a week but have the same amount of program hours as elementary schools. In a block scheduling format, middle schools have both soccer and writing two days a week and game days on Fridays.


There are four coaches per school, two soccer and two writing. DC SCORES hires and trains coaches to run programming at each school. Eighty-five percent of coaches work at the schools and 70% of them are teachers. Every coach is trained to guide students through a specific, comprehensive curriculum for soccer and writing that includes enrichment modules and soccer practice plans.

Special Events

Fall Frenzy, October 14 at Trinity University - Fall Frenzy is a day-long celebration of our fall season that includes soccer games and outdoor activities for our elementary school students and their families.

Poetry Slam!, November 15 and 16 - Poetry Slam! is a two-night, spoken-word competition featuring every participating DC SCORES school. The Westside and Eastside Poetry Slam! showcases original poems performed by the poet-athletes on stage.


How do I get involved?

There are many ways to be a part of our team this fall:

  • Volunteer as a referee: DC SCORES’ soccer leagues are recreational and small sided (8v8) with an emphasis on sportsmanship and learning.

  • Help during Fall Frenzy!

  • Give a DC child a voice and the power of self-expression!

Stay up-to-date with us online!

Don’t forget to visit for all updated information about our program.


We’re looking forward to another successful fall SCORES season!

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