The impact of providing a team

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There’s not much else to say for all the support during Giving Tuesday. We know that there are a lot of amazing organizations doing great work, so we really appreciate you picking DC SCORES during this time of giving.

DC SCORES: A life-changing job


My life changed on Aug. 31, 2009.

That’s when I stepped through the doors of 1224 M Street for my first day of work at DC SCORES. Today, nearly nine years later, is my last day in the office – our new office – as a full-time employee of the organization.


Oscar Hernandez: A Story of Determination

Oscar, is rising college freshman and DC SCORES alumnus. Everything that he has worked for has led him to this moment as he sits in this gymnasium with me. Nothing is ever simple and neither is his journey that has required an overwhelming amount of dedication, courage and humility to get him into college.

Tubman Summer SCORES lives up to DC SCORES values

“Teamwork, leadership and commitment”

These are three core tenets that distinguish good athletes from extraordinary athletes. These three tenets are the core values honored by DC SCORES poet-athletes every time they get onto the field or into the classroom.

This summer at Tubman Elementary School, campers were given the opportunity to transform these values into actions on the field in a two-week long soccer intensive camp.

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