Kicking off the Spring SCORES season at Audi Field

On Saturday, March 2, coaches from around the city gathered to kick off the Spring SCORES season.

With Audi Field as the backdrop for this years’ Coach Kickoff, coaches and SCORES staff could not wait to get the season started!

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This action-packed day gave coaches the chance to mingle, brainstorm, and get pumped for the upcoming season which starts on Monday, March 11th.

The morning started with new coach coffee; a chance for new coaches to connect with other new coaches and DC SCORES staff. As returning coaches arrived, they were also given the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and mingle before the day started.

Training started with an introduction of DC SCORES, and a preview of what this spring season has in store.

The fun continued into the next section, which introduced Jana Sharp, Principal, and Founder of Sharp Insight. Jana brought joy and excitement to her speech with interactive activities and words of wisdom about social and emotional learning and positive youth development.

Jana’s high energy and passion during the “Active Learning” session created the perfect setting for the rest of our sessions and the upcoming season.

Following Jana’s session, coaches had the opportunity to hear from Executive Director, Bethany Rubin Henderson. Bethany gave coaches a behind-the-scenes look at DC SCORES and the vision for the organization’s’ future.

During this time, coaches were encouraged to ask Bethany any questions they had. The coaches did not disappoint and asked many thoughtful questions about topics such as gender inclusivity within our programming.

After an inspiring session with Bethany, the coaches were treated to a lunch by stadium caterer, Levy. During lunch, the coaches were encouraged to sit with other coaches from their sites and set their goals for the upcoming season.

Following lunch, the coaches split up into soccer and writing workshops. During these workshops, coaches had the opportunity to learn the new curriculum, share past experiences, and brainstorm ways to make this upcoming season the best one yet!

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The workshops were an interactive time for the coaches to really connect with the curricula, while also interacting with the staff members who helped to create it.

Coach Kickoff is the perfect time for our staff to let our coaches know how much they are appreciated and cared for within the organization.

We loved seeing all our coaches learn, grow, and prepare for the spring season, and we cannot wait to see them in action!

Thank you to everyone who made the Spring 2019 Coach Kickoff possible, and we are looking forward to an incredible Spring SCORES season!

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