Winter SCORES: Concluding another healthy season


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Another great Winter SCORES season is in the books as Tubman Elementary School, Neval Thomas Elementary School, Truesdell Education Campus- Elementary School and Lincoln Middle School completed their six-weeks of soccer and nutrition sessions.

Our poet-athletes got a chance to improve their soccer skills during the off-season, while learning about how a healthy diet can be fun and easy to maintain.

During week one, teams reconnected to set goals and expectations for the season and jumped right into the Common Threads curriculum. Poet-athletes learned about elements of the “Chef’s Plate,” discovering the components of a balanced meal- dairy, protein, grains, fruits and vegetables.

Week two through four consisted of learning about differentiating between fruits and vegetables, incorporating protein in their diets without necessarily eating meat, and learning about consuming fats and sugars properly and in moderation.


During week five, poet-athletes finished up the Common Threads curriculum with a culminating lesson, reviewing all of the skills they learned throughout the season and setting healthy eating goals for themselves.

The last week of the season finished off with the Chopped Cooking Celebration!

Winter SCORES schools were joined by DC SCORES guest judges as poet-athletes split into smaller teams to put their knowledge to the test. Each group received three mystery basket ingredients and made a healthy dish using all three of these ingredients and additional ingredients from the “pantry.” After careful consideration, the judges deliberated and decided that everyone was a winner because of all of the nutrition skills poet-athletes learned together throughout the season! Each poet-athlete received their own apron and chef hat to celebrate a successful season.


With field trips to Brainfood and the celebration of Winter Sports Day, Winter SCORES 2018 was a season to remember. We can’t believe how fast these six weeks flew by, but we know that our Winter SCORES schools can’t wait to start back up in the Spring!

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